Dr. Augustine Ozioma Onwumere

Chairman PWAN Group

Dr. Augustine Ozioma Onwumere is a Co-Founder of the PWAN GROUP.

He sits as the Chairman of the PWAN Group which is the largest and widest Real Estate Network in Nigeria with Estates and Offices spread across several States of the federation...Lagos, Ogun State, Abuja, Owerri in Imo State, Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Asaba and Warri in Delta State, Awka in Anambra State with Enugu opening soon. He is also the CEO of Five (5) service and product Companies in Lagos, Abuja, Asaba and Port Harcourt.

The Head Quarter of the PWAN Group is in Ajah, Lekki Lagos.
Marc Austine as he is generally called was born to a wealthy family in Lagos, Nigeria and due to his relentless nature amidst his siblings decided to tread the path of sales at an early age of eight.
He was encouraged by his Father’s quest and legacy for a successful lifestyle through hard work and faith in God.
He is a well loved Lagos-based Real Estate and Human Empowerment strategist with special focus in Sales and Development.

He is an enthusiastic and dedicated leader with both significant and practical experience in a working environment. He is quick in grasping new ideas and concepts and very innovative to proffer realistic solutions to problems.

He has demonstrated the highest levels of motivation and has a strong ability to perform effectively even within a highly pressurized working environment.

Augustine is a dynamic leader, consistently sited for unbridled passion for work. His energy and enthusiasm as a leader who has broken all barriers to get to the peak cannot be quantified. He is a force to be reckoned with.

His focal business remains Real Estate Investment and Development; he believes that Nigeria can become better if Entrepreneurship remains the pursuit of every individual. Hence, his drive to reach out to millions of Nigerians through a live Empowerment programme on 93.7 Inspiration F.M Radio broadcast known as “Mr. Empowerment”. He runs this program weekly on air where he talks about empowerment, and no doubt, inspired a lot of Nigerian youths who are now real estate consultants with the move to make Home ownership dream a reality for all.

His pro-activeness and drive for success have established PWAN GROUP on a foundation of reliable, resourceful and excellent organization for her clientele.

He has received honorary awards from various institutions and led the Group to receiving various awards such as African Quality Achievement Award, Global Quality Excellence Award and so on.

He is never tired of investing in New Dreams, creating jobs for over 150 Young Nigerians excluding the over 30 thousand Independent Real Estate Professionals generally called Consultants working with PWAN; his vision is stemmed around personnel development and target achievements.

PWAN HOMES Limited, being the pioneer company, began to open other Companies in partnership with Independent Consultants which today forms the PWAN Group.

Presently the group houses twelve Companies known as PWAN EDGE, PWAN Plus, PWAN Premium, PWAN Heritage, PWAN Haven, PWAN Prime, PWAN Legend, PWAN Stars, PWAN Lekki, PWAN Royale, PWAN Assurance and PWAN Precious.

Also in the Group is PHPAC, the Company charged with the responsibility of raising and equipping ordinary people to extraordinary feats in the Real Estate Industry.

Augustine Onwumere, a graduate from University of Lagos Akoka, has attended several courses in Lagos Business School and other learning institutions and continues to continuously develop himself to be able to empower others.
He was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the European-American University, Commonwealth of Dominica, following his contributions to making home ownership dream a reality for as many people as possible

He is married with three children to Jayne Obioma Onwumere; the woman he fondly refers to as the brain behind the business that has placed him where he is.



Group Managing Director, PWAN GROUP

Dr. Jayne Obioma Onwumere is the Group Managing Director of The PWAN GROUP.

PWAN is an acronym for Property World Africa Network.

She leads a team of 12 Managing Directors with 110 direct Staff spread across 12 Affiliate Companies that make up the PWAN Group and over 30 thousand Independent Real Estate Professionals generally called Consultants.

The Head Quarter of the PWAN Group is in Ajah, Lekki Lagos.
At a time when Nigeria’s employment market was dwindling and some families losing their homes due to lack of funds to pay rent, Jayne and her darling husband Augustine Onwumere received a God given vision to make home ownership dream a reality for as many people as possible.
This dream birthed a Real Estate Network Marketing Company in March 2012 with the Pioneer Company known as PWAN HOMES.
PWAN HOMES is acronym for Property World Africa Network Home Ownership Made Easy Scheme.

PWAN pioneered the first Real Estate Network Marketing Business in Nigeria, Africa and in the World (to the best of our knowledge) providing opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Nigerians to earn consistent Income as Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

In the history of Nigeria, we have not experienced more people in Real Estate than we have now and it is all due to this novel idea birthed by this Couple even at a time when they were homeless.

With focus, determination and hard work, The PWAN Team today (comprising of Staffs, Partners and Consultants) are engaging with both public and private sectors, Individuals and Nigerians in the diaspora to bring massive change in the life of people.

This has strengthened synergies and yielded positive outcomes for the sector.

Three years into its operation, always a pioneer, PWAN HOMES began to open other Companies in partnership with Independent Consultants which today forms the PWAN Group.

Presently there are twelve Companies known as PWAN EDGE, PWAN Plus, PWAN Premium, PWAN Heritage, PWAN Haven, PWAN Prime, PWAN Legend, PWAN Stars, PWAN Lekki, PWAN Royale, PWAN Assurance and PWAN Precious.

This is a move that has no precedent in the History of Business in Nigeria if not in the World. All the Companies are fully funded by PWAN Homes and fully equally owned.

Also included in the Group is PHPAC, the Company charged with the responsibility of raising and equipping Independent Real Estate Professionals aka Consultants.

In the last six years, PHPAC has trained thousands and thousands of people in Network Marketing in general, Real Estate Network Marketing in particular, Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership etc.

With the startup of The PWAN Academy in 2017, PWAN has become the Go To place for Real Estate Business Owners to source Workers for their Companies.

In 2017, Mama Africa as Mrs. Onwumere is fondly called single handedly empowered 50 women to start up small business venture or to improve existing ones with Fifty Thousand Naira each through her Empowerment for all Women Program. This she intends to do every year for as long as the Lord enables her to do so. She has organised several outreach to Orphanages with a lot of provisions and monetary gifts.

Together with her husband, she pays school fees for so many children, pays house rent for many and keeps a Completely Open Door policy that has made many refer to her as Mummy, Mama Africa etc.

The work done by PWAN in just a little over Six (6) years have inspired so many people to venture not just into real estate business by using the PWAN Model but into other businesses.

People now understand you do not necessarily need money to venture, you need faith, you need focus and you need tenacity. And mostly, you need to have love for people and a desire to empower people to become the best they can be.

She was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the European-American University, Commonwealth of Dominica, following her contributions to making home ownership dream a reality for as many people as possible

Dr. Jayne Obioma Onwumere, a Lifelong Learner, an Alumnus of Lagos Business School also attended the Owner President Management Programme at the Prestigious Harvard University, Boston Massachusetts, USA.

She is married to her Best Friend, a man she believes God used to birth relevance in her life and they are blessed with three lovely children.



Chairman Board of Directors of PWAN Perfection

DR. JULIUS OYEDEMI is one of Nigeria’s youngest, brightest, innovative and highly versatile real estate experts. He oversees one of the fastest growing affiliates of the PWAN Group (Africa’s foremost Real Estate & Network Marketing Company) – PWAN PLUS, as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. He also sits as a Director on the Board of Folkland Property Development Company Ltd- the construction arm of the PWAN Group.

As a seasoned business development, sales and marketing strategist, Julius helps individuals, families and organizations in Nigeria and in the diaspora own/invest in land in Nigeria with affordability and quality as watchwords. For Julius, he sees real estate not as a vehicle for self-enrichment but adding value to humanity.

Julius is a trained electrical/electronics engineer from the Madonna University, and he has added several professional certifications to his cache of knowledge. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management. Julius is an alumnus of the famous and prestigious Lagos Business School having attended several business management and leadership courses including the Enterprise Management Program which he completed in 2018/2019. In February 2020, he completed the Owners Managers Program at the prestigious Lagos Business School vis a vis an exchange program at the Strathmore Business School, Nairobi Kenya; and a field trip to Ethiopia.

Julius has in his official and personal capacity won several awards for his pace-setting innovation, excellence and impact in the real estate sector such as the Nigerian Property Merit Award & Real Estate Excellence Award 2017 as well as the Nigerian Real Estate Industry and African Child Prize for Impacting the Nigerian Child through Real Estate, to mention but a few. He won the 2018 Real Estate Excellence Award for the Most Enterprising Managing Director of the Year. Mr Julius was the key note speaker at the National Real Estate Summit organized by the Federal House of Representative Committee on Land & Housing held in May 2019, where he also received on behalf of his company, the award for the “Most Outstanding Real Estate Marketing Company of the Year”. In September 2019, he received on behalf of PWAN PLUS, the award of the “Best Real Estate Marketing Company of the Year” at the 13th edition of the Nigerian Media Nite-Out Award, a public and private sector award. In his capacity as the MD, he won the Real Estate Marketing Personality of the Year Award in September 2019. By November 2019, he led his company to receive the highly coveted Top 100 SMEs Award from Business Day Ltd. He has recently been nominated for the Most Outstanding Real Company CEO of the Year in the Real Estate Excellence Award 2020 for his outstanding contribution in the real estate industry, humanity & the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic while his company, PWAN PLUS was nominated as the Most Outstanding Real Estate Company of the Year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when business were shutting down and many organizations were laying off employees and implementing pay-cuts, Julius ensured that his employees got their full pay whilst the company expanded to Abia (Aba) and Akwa Ibom (Uyo), opening three (3) new estates with two (2) new estates to be unveiled in Umuahia and Abakaliki. During the lockdown, Julius served as the coordinator of the PWAN Group COVID-19 Palliative Initiative where thousands of beneficiaries across over 12 communities and locations in Lagos got food items and reliefs during a 2 weeks distribution exercise. Julius continues to bring his humanitarian and alternative dispute resolution expertise to solve problems and resolve disputes on behalf of the PWAN Group and customary, private and public sector stakeholders. He has successfully impacted the lives of local miscreants (a.k.a. omo oniles) in his estates’ host communities by his exemplary lifestyle and conduct, and many of them have left their primitive and violent lifestyles to become successful entrepreneurs and business owners, and who are in turn impacting their families and communities.

Julius is the convener of the School of Strategy which held its inaugural intensive sales & marketing training in September 2019 for over 200 realtors and other entrepreneurs cutting across the financial, manufacturing, health, sales and other sectors of the economy. He organizes and facilitates regular online and offline business trainings and workshops where thousands have been empowered for financial freedom. He mentors thousands of youth via his social media and private sessions as his schedules allow.

Julius is consummate and committed family man. He is happily married to the special woman he calls his “heartbeat”- Peace Chinyere Oyedemi and they have two wonderful kids.

He was decorated with an honorary doctorate degree by the American European University, for his distinguished achievements in real estate development and management.

Perfecting the honorary conferral, at the prestigious Landmark building, Lekki Lagos recently, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the international institution said: “In consideration for the outstanding achievements of Julius Olaniyi Oyedemi in real estate development and management which has positively impacted lives and contributed to the socioeconomic development of the country Nigeria, the Senate of European American University hereby confers on him the award of Doctor of Science (D.Sc) in Real Estate Development, Business Strategy and Corporate Governance, with all its rights and privileges of the University.



MD/CEO PWANPerfection Business Investment Ltd

Mr William Aimakhu is a very dynamic, young, purposeful and astute sales man with passionate for excellence. A Network Marketer, Sales expect and sales coach. He is currently the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of one of Nigeria’s foremost Real Estate Company, PWAN PERFECTION BUSINESS INVESTMENTS LTD which is an affiliate of PWAN PLUS BUSINESS CONCERNS LTD and also a member of the PWAN GROUP.

He is also the Co-founder of PWAN GROUP TEAM LEGACY a team of over 400 young real estate professional, with sub teams under them.
With so many recognitions to his work, William Aimakhu emerged 2020 highest sales realtor for PWAN PLUS BUSINESS CONCERNS LTD, one of Nigerians biggest real estate company and also one of the highest sales realtor for PWAN HAVEN INVESTSMENTS AND REALTORS LTD, one of Nigerians leading Real Estate Company.

His team was also recognized for outstanding sales contribution to so many notable real estate company in the outgoing year 2020.

William Aimakhu is also an alumni of the renowned SCHOOL OF ESTATE (S.O.E) class 46.
He is currently the host of a sales master class tagged "HOW TO SELL HIGH PRICED REAL ESTATE". Mr William Aimakhu is also popularly known as Real Estate Power Couple a brand himself and his wife started in the early days of their real estate journey.

He is an alumnus of the prestigious University Of Benin where he bagged a BSc in Computer Science 2007/2008 session. Before his appointment as the MD/CEO of PWAN Perfection, he has worked in the information technology industry, in notable organizations like Visafone, BroadBand Technology Limited before making a switch to the real estate industry.

Mr William Aimakhu is well travelled and has a track record of outstanding success in team building and mentorship. He’s happily married to Vivian Aimakhu and they are blessed with 2 beautiful children, JASON and JAHDIEL.



ED/COO PWANPerfection Business Investment Ltd

Mrs Vivian Aimakhu is a young, dynamic, strong, very determined, goal oriented and very enterprising EXCUTIVE DIRECTOR of PWAN PERFECTION BUSINESS INVESTMENTS LTD. She believes only the word “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”, this has driven her to becoming a successful sales entrepreneur. Vivian Aimakhu is a trained HR professional from the Westfold School Of Management and is also an alumni of the renowned School Of Estates ( S.O.E )

She is also the Co-founder of PWAN GROUP TEAM LEGACY a team of over 400 young real estate professionals, with sub teams under them.

Vivian Aimakhu has a burning desire to change life’s and help people see “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”, this desire lead her in contact with PWAN GROUP which was the platform she needed to help as many as come her way. She has facilitated in many entrepreneurial programs for young people. She also mentors a group young business women in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

She has several recognition for sales and team building, she is married to the man of her dreams and they both have 2 beautiful children. She is well traveled and has great future plans for her company. She loves and is passionate about God and doing the things of God.